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  1. Kate, your home looks so lovely. I love blue and green together. It’s fresh. Perfect for spring and summer. Hugs to you, my friend.

  2. Kate – I am so happy to have found you. I love your tips, and your styling if fabulous. Your place looks elegant but yet effortless at the same time which is a hard balance to acheive and yet you have done so superbly. Love your tour!
    I have a couple of questions for you. Do you have a source for your pedestal and urn (grey) at your front door? Those items can be so very hard to find in the right proportions. The other question is what type of stone is your inside entry? It has such a nice polished look to it. Mine is limestone and I would love to get a shine on it like yours but then again, not sure what yours is. Advice is always welcome. Thanks Kate!

    1. Hi Penny! You’ve made my day with all of those sweet comments!! So glad you found me and hope you continue to come back. I bought those pedestals by the front door at a local closeout store for a wholesale company called Dr. Livingstone I Presume. If you’re in the Dallas area I’d be happy to share their location. And our floors in those rooms are marble. I’m not sure what kind because they came with the house but that’s why they are so shiny. Limestone is gorgeous in my opinion!

  3. Kate your home is amazing I love how you paired the moss with your white dishwares so charming for summer. Happy Father’s Day🤗

  4. Sooo lovely! I love how you mixed the blue and green together! It looks so fresh and inviting. You have a gorgeous home.

  5. Kate I absolutely love the blue paired with the green. It looks so fresh and cool. Your furry assistant is the cutest ever!

  6. Calypso in the Country says:

    Your home is stunning! I love how you’ve added touches of summer around the house. I also love how you decorated with blue and green…one of my favorite combos! Great touring with you!

  7. Kate, oh my goodness, I’m so in awe of absolutely everything😍😍😍 What a gorgeous home you have created – and so very grand❤️ And — I have been searching for that shade green velvet pillow cover forever so you’re now my hero❤️ Thank you for your kind comments about our humble home❤️

    1. So happy to be on the tour with you! Thank you for the sweet comment. And if you order that pillow cover you won’t be disappointed!

  8. Your home is so beautiful, Kate. I cannot get over all of those windows. Just wow!

  9. Your home is decorated so beautifully for summer, Kate! From the blue, green, and white colors to the pretty florals, it is truly a dream. So happy to be hopping with you this week.

  10. You have such a beautiful home, Kate! It’s a pleasure to see it decorated for summer. Your copper pots and the green trellis pillows just might be my favorite parts. Happy summer!

  11. Your home looks so beautiful for summer, Kate! I love all the pretty florals, but my absolute favorite has got to be the blue, green, and white color scheme you’ve got going on in the living room. It’s so fresh! So happy to be touring with you this week. Happy summer!

  12. I LOVE your summer home! Wow! And I really want those gorgeous pillows…I’m in love with the blue and green! Happy Summer! xo

  13. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Beautiful tour! Love your grand home so much and of course your furry assistant

  14. Oh Kate – your home is just gorgeous! Every single touch that you added for summer is pure perfection! Wow – that fern on your front porch is to die for. It’s just amazing. Green, white and blue is one of my favorite color combos, especially for the summer. Don’t come looking for me if any of your pillows go missing. Just sayin……

  15. Your home is so beautiful and elegant. I love your pretty blue, green, and white color scheme for summer. I agree with you, changing pillows out for the seasons is such an easy way to change things up a bit. I really enjoyed all your lovely floral arrangements and mixing ferns and orchids is so pretty. Thanks so much for joining the tours this season, your home is stunning.