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  1. Michelle James says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home! I love how it totally feels like fall without any orange. The colors you chose, are so warm and welcoming. Happy fall!

  2. Libbie Burling says:


    This is all so lovely but that tablescape is AMAZING! I love it so much (taking notes> and pinned!

  3. Very nice! Lovely! I am just getting around to enjoying the tour..
    I am curious….there are no lamps in your living room, so what do you use for light in there?

    1. Hi Lee! We have a chandelier in that room that you don’t see in some of the photos because of the tall ceiling. When I want some light but not too much, I turn on the lights in the shelves, foyer, and the lamps in the dining room because it’s all one area. Thank you for reading the tour!!

  4. Michelle | Thistle Key Lane says:

    I’m loving all your darker green accents for fall Kate, and your new coffee table with the simple moss tray looks beautiful! Wonderful tour!!

  5. I’m such a fan of Fall decor without orange. Orange isn’t bad, and I’ve used rusty colors or even muted versions of orange before. But that traditional Fall orange just isn’t my favorite. Thanks for sharing all the inspiration without it! PS Good Luck with the rug and your puppy dog. Love hopping with you! Happy Fall!

    1. I’m the same way Aliya. When I use orange, it has to be a very muted version. And I’ll need luck for this rug because the dog pretty much gets away with everything lol.

  6. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Kate, your beautiful home looks even more stunning with fall accents and a bit of green. Your fall table so inspires me. Love the napkins with the magnolias and pheasant feathers. Happy fall!

  7. Jennifer Howard says:

    Such a pretty and elegant look you have put together, Kate!

  8. Julie Briones says:

    I LOVE green, and you have incorporated it so well into your home… just like you always do with pops of color! Love that rug, too… gotta take a look at the options! Love your fall table, too, Kate! Pinned!

  9. Kate you have such a lovely home and I too love greens and white…perfect for fall. Your dining room centerpiece is just gorgeous I love all of the elements! Thanks for joining me this week!

  10. Cindy@CountyRoad407 says:

    You are so right about waiting for cooler weather to buy real pumpkins! It’s still so hot and I’m still so testy about it. 😉 Love your color choices this year. And the branch in the foyer is perfect! Everything looks so soothing, cool, and inviting. Hope we get cooler days soon. Great tour!

  11. Susan Sikes says:

    I’m there with you! Orange is my least favorite color. I’m glad we have other “Fall” options!

  12. I love the title! I don’t mind some orange, but I personally lean to neutrals and calmer earthy tones for fall. Your home is gorgeous!

  13. Everything looks so pretty, Kate. Those velvet napkins are stunning. I need some. Happy Fall, my friend.

  14. Kim | Shiplap and Shells says:

    I’m not a big fan of oranges in my fall decor so obviously I love what you’ve done here for fall Kate. Happy Fall!

  15. Marlis Cote says:

    Beautiful job decorating Kate!!!

  16. Everything is so lovely for the start of fall…you def. don’t need orange! Question, on your dining room buffet/credenza, I spy 2 buffet lamps. Did they come with their glass base or is this something you added to give them more height? I haven’t seen any like these with a glass base.

    1. You are very observant Judy! I wanted taller lamps but couldn’t find any in my price range that I liked. These came from Homegoods and I found an acrylic vase the exact diameter as the base on Amazon to boost them up.

  17. So pretty, Kate. Happy fall to you!

  18. Kate, Like you, I’m not a big fan of orange and I also highlighted greens and warm tones. Your table setting is lovely–I really love the magnolia leaves, and I enjoyed touring your charming home. Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  19. Suzy Handgraaf says:

    So beautiful, my friend! Everything is perfectly elegant. I absolutely love what you did.

  20. So beautiful! I’m not an orange person either, so your use of green & neutrals is a fabulous alternative to the traditional fall colors. I also hear you about the rug being a personal potty for your dog lol, we have that problem in our house too!

  21. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love the white and shades of pretty green for fall that you have used. It is perfect. I also do not like using orange, in that the colors of my home are more toward burgandy and forest green, so this green and white theme would work for me as well. I am liking the new rug and coffee table in your living room as well; they seem to warm up the space. What views from those windows!

    1. Oh thank you Nancee!! Yes, orange doesn’t work with a lot of color schemes that aren’t neutral. And the rug is such a change in that room but I’m loving it so far!

  22. You have such wonderful decorating ideas! I enjoyed this one and looked back at last year’s fall decorating, too. I love it! You have a beautiful home. Thank you so much for sharing!

  23. Beautiful. Love the fall decor 🍁