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  1. Absolutely love, love allllll your decorating.
    But.. your rooms are gorgeous and way out of many of our price points.
    Do you ever do rooms/ homes for the more average household that needs lots of help?
    I know I should be able to take bits and pieces but it’s just the same.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Trudy! Thank you for the compliment!! I’ll always be a discount shopper girl at heart. We started in a one bedroom apartment back in the 80s and I’ve lived in a lot of different kinds of houses, this one being my dream home. I still use the same tricks and ideas I always have. But when I do help friends with smaller places now that I have this blog, you’ll definitely be seeing it here!

  2. Great, inspiring ideas! I’d be eliminating a bunch of things that I truly like having, but not enough room! I can be creative, & think of myself an artist.Due to disabilities i do mixed media, abstract pieces mostly, but they really arent working! Eclectic has been my style, but I need freshness & more color – pop everywhere! It all just looks dull & thrown together. Any suggestions are welcome. Tx