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  1. Thank you for sharing your cleaning hacks! Anything to make cleaning easier is a major plus!

  2. Linda Johnston says:

    Thanks for this comprehensive list. You had a few items I didn’t know about!

  3. We have one of those old tub/shower combo units from the 70’s in our bathroom. And, it has sliding glass doors. Add to those two features my vertical challenged-ness and cleaning the tub/shower has been my nemesis for years. I have been using the homemade shower cleaner with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for quite some time, but the physical gymnastics of the scrubbing part was killing me. And, then, one day, I had a light bulb moment. I had a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sponge Mop! That mop has officially been assigned to my bathroom and I can now literally stand outside the bathtub and scrub the whole unit from top to bottom.

  4. What do you use to clean your uneven slate floors? I have the same problem.

    1. Hi Becky! As far as tools, I use a good old vacuum cleaner, broom, and a mop. Anything else gets caught everywhere. And no special cleaners, just hot water with a little disinfectant. No matter how long I’ve had the slate, it always makes the water brown—I guess because it’s a natural stone. Do you notice that too?

  5. Thank you so very much
    Great ideals, I too clean like crazy,, I can’t help it. I like a clean house

  6. Deborah Wilkins says:

    You must try Supercloths, Kate! They do the best job ever on glass and mirrors and really any hard surface including wood. It saves on paper towels in a major way. A two-pack on Amazon runs $23.75. I keep one in the kitchen and one in every bath. Everyone I have recommended them to raves about them. No cleaning products needed. Wet with hot water, wring well and go!

    Kind regards,

  7. Amanda Mccrary says:

    Thanks for all these wonderful tips. They are very helpful. Any tips, though, on removing hard water stains from the toilet? I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. Thanks!

    1. I’ve never unbelievably had a big problem with this so I don’t have any personal experience. But I have seen a couple of ways that are most recommended. Have you tried the vinegar and baking soda method? This is a good tutorial on The Spruce website: https://www.thespruce.com/hard-water-stains-in-the-toilet-2719033. I’ve also seen these pumice hard water wands recommended for that purpose: https://rstyle.me/+x6guONt5Gzgbj0c-pDqXTg. If any other readers have something that worked for you, let us know in the comments!