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  1. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Kate, what a sweet picture of your precious little dog on your bed — even if your little fur baby had an accident on your lovely “dry clean only” comforter. When you see that sweet little face, I’m sure you forget about the little accident!

    We have had the same thing happen to us with our precious little Princess — a Maltese! You can’t even get upset when you see that sweet little face looking at you as it just melts your heart! We just had to let our little 16 year old Princess go to “Doggie Heaven” before Christmas. We sure miss her.

    Thanks for all your cleaning tips! They’re great! I always enjoy your posts! Your home is beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Mary-Ann!! I truly appreciate you being a reader.💗 You know our dog gets away with EVERYTHING. She only weighs 4 pounds and rules our house. She is definitely my best buddy – I get way too attached to my pets. I know you must be heartbroken to not have your fur baby there with you anymore.