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  1. Pat Svetlecich says:

    I would like to have the information on the primary bedroom blanket you have on the bed under the comforter. Thank you

    1. Sylvia Osborne says:

      Absolutely beautiful your Bedroom is huge but you have made it very inviting well done you. I can’t believe that someone would throw away those beautiful chairs I wish someone near me would do the same they finish of your Bedroom so cosy.

      1. Thank you Sylvia! My bedroom really is my sanctuary so feeling cozy is so important. My friend who scored those chairs always has the best luck that way!

  2. Cheryl B Acampora says:

    Your room is gorgeous! Can you tell me where you purchased your bedroom furniture? It’s exactly what I have been searching for. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cheryl! Thank you so much. We’ve had that bedroom set for quite a few years, so unfortunately it’s been discontinued. I do love its timeless design though. If you can find it through resale somewhere it’s the Bernhardt Grand Savannah line.

  3. Beautiful… serene… timeless. I was going to ask the store you had purchased your chairs… I have been searching for just that size and style to no avail :-(… hat a score on the curb and not a mark. Good for you. Your home is beautiful Pat

  4. absolutely beautiful! wish you could redo my entire house.

  5. What a lovely master bedroom, Kate. The chNgea you made were perfect for creating a relaxing retreat. Well done..