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  1. Nancy Carroll says:

    I really enjoyed reading about all the new trends for 2022. And even more so, your take on them. I’m not a fan of the green trend (except for greenery) and got rid of everything green I had several years ago. And I’m still in love with the fresh and clean look of gray (and greige walls) and how you can add touches of just about any color to them…especially seasonal decor. So like you say, I do in my home what really speaks to me.

  2. It’s really exciting that most of the minimalist trends are going away this year. I’ve always been a creative kind of person, so finding more ways to get stylish with my home could help me enjoy the building process more. I’ll talk about this with a custom home building expert for sure.

  3. Donna Marsh says:

    Your personality and thoughts touch my heart. , I too, have such love for the home that has cherished items passed down from the generations before me. There are also touches of what is current. Remember singing this song at Girl Scout camp — Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.
    Love ironing the linens my mother and grandmothers collected and even embroidered. These pieces are sprayed with lavender water just before pressing with the warm iron. The aroma makes me feel so good, plus it makes the house smell so wonderful.
    You have a love of preparing those old family recipes too. Isn’t there such love and comfort in preparing these treasures.
    Continue sharing your warm and loving personality. You are a favorite for me!!!
    May God continue to bless you!!

    1. Thank you for taking the time for these sweet comments Donna!! It makes me so happy that the blog has connected with you and that you love the same kind of things that I do. I hope that you keep following along with me!