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  1. Mary Jo Masengil says:

    I really enjoy your posts. They are practical and useful even though I have a much smaller house and less elegant. This post about odors of old things is great! I have allergies and buy everything “unscented” or with a lemon smell—no orange, pine, or flowery. I like used lemon scented soft scrub to clean the kitchen sinks and two bathroom sinks in our house we sold 36 years ago. Everyone commented on the nice clean smell.

  2. I have had success using pure, full strength vanilla. Try putting some in a custard cup and placing it in a cabinet. Add more than one depending on how big your piece is. Leave it and replenish it until the smell is gone. This works well with plastic too. I had an unplugged empty freezer in our garage that I planned to sell. Getting it ready, I found a defrosted fresh caught fish. The smell was horrific. I cleaned the inside completely and added some bowls of vanilla. Amazingly, it worked and I sold the freezer for an excellent price.

  3. Kelly Griffin says:

    Hi Kate! I’m loving your articles.! Keep up the fun & creative ideas!

  4. My husband loves to shop at estate sales. He can fond the smelliest things. He brings them in the house. I notice the smell immediately. He usually puts things in the office, junk room. He put s few things in the guest bedroom. The office, junk room, was full. And now my grandson is sleeping with smelly things. I don’t think he noticed it like I do. I have a good nose. And if something stinks, I’m not buying it. But now I know how to get rid of some of the smells. And I’ll be using on the things I find in the junk room when I get in there to clean it out. I guess he’ll be storing his smelly stuff in the shed.