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  1. After looking for days for i guess reassurance on cleaning and sealing my tile i appreciate a direct and helpful explanation. Thank you, thank you thank you.!!!
    i moved into my home 7 years ago and have slate in my kitchen. i absolutely love it. i have 2 dogs and let them out to play and do their business from the back kitchen door. When it is raining or really snowy outside i will let them in , toss kibble on the floor and by the time they are done their feet are dry to go about their day on the wood floors. i do wash with a string mop using dawn dish soap and vacuum without the roller as it did chip one little piece using the roller. Nice to know i am cleaning like others. i have started my spring cleaning and was made aware it should be sealed every couple of years or so. After contacting a few handymen, tile stores ect. and not really getting a great response (I live in Milwaukee) i am done waiting and will attempt myself. I bought the 511 impregnator sealer today and will do my floor in sections. It may take me a week or 2 but I’m willing to give it a shot. I will let you know my results when i am done!!!