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  1. I looked high & low for four years, since I purchased my home, to find a way to whiten the jets (or replace) in my Jacuzzi and found nothing until I read your post. It WORKS! I did the process once and the jets all came out white, and I will wait and see if it needs to be redone in two to six months or so. I had used the Oh Yuk a couple of months prior, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t whiten the jets at the time. I can’t tell you how happy I am thanks to you! Keep these great tips coming!
    Very grateful,

  2. Excellent trick! I had duct taped shut the overflow hole cause I like to take baths that I’m actually IN the water and removing the tape after a few years (I know) the acrylic was… orange. It took about a 2-week 40 volume treatment, but it’s gone! YAY thanks!!!

  3. Anne Vander Molen says:

    After all that work I still would not trust that I got all the funk from previous owner. I tore out the tub in a previous home and am about to do it again in this home. A nice big shower is much more appealing (or a fancy tub without the jets).

  4. Melinda Redding says:

    I’m beyond excited to try this! We’ve had our jacuzzi air tub since 2005 and I’ve been trying to figure out a solution. I love all of your tips and tricks and will let you know how this works! Thanks again for sharing, much appreciated!🥰👏🏼🤗

  5. The timing of this article couldn’t have been more perfect! I have a jetted tub that I love & still use as well. I’ve used “O Yuck!” to clean the jets which works amazing but it’s nice to know I can also use other products I already have on hand. And like you, the yellowed plastic jets bothered me. They make the tub look dirty. So thank you so much for this cleaning hack to clean them! I’m definitely going to give this a try! I absolutely love reading & trying out many of your decorating ideas & hacks from your posts!! 💕

  6. Tammy Adams says:

    Thanks so much for this yellowing tub jet info. I thought they were a lost cause. have a great day

  7. This is great information to have. I clean mine with bleach, but I’ve never thought to add dishwasher detergent. I will add this next time.