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  1. It always amazes me how a “refresh” vs a full gut renovation can make something feel and look updated. I just love the fireplace screen. Great job 😉

  2. It never ceases to amaze me all of the negativities people feel the need to spout off about… my opinion is they are just jealous. This is the most exquisite bathroom I’ve seen as a remodel.. it’s fabulous beyond gorgeous. I love it I’m pinning it I want it. And you did show a picture where you can plainly see that the TV is completely visible from the bathtub…. Like I said people, just try to find something negative to say when they are jealous it’s gorgeous and thank you for sharing…

    1. Thank you for your POSITIVE and sweet comments Tonya!💗It’s hard to put your home out there for criticism because everyones tastes aren’t the same, but by far I get supportive feedback from my readers because we share common interests. And that connection is what makes this job a joy. Plus, those other people aren’t going to follow me anyway!

  3. It would have been easier to follow if the pictures themselves are label before & after .

    1. I tried to put a current photo of each area up next to each “before” picture from when we bought the house. But not knowing I would be writing a post about it when it happened, I didn’t have a lot of good before and no in-process photos.

  4. love the bathroom but am curious as to how are you going to watch TV from the tub when it’s behind you? Couldn’t you have reversed the tub when you removed its surround?

    1. Hi Eddy! We only removed the tile from the surround but didn’t have it in the budget to switch the tub or rework the plumbing. So I make it work by sitting backward kitty corner and while not ideal, it’s been fine.

  5. why would you put a tv in a room where you can’t watch it from the tub…the room is beautiful, but the tub looks backwards.

    1. Hi Claudia! I manage to sit in the tub backward to watch the tv. Watching from the bath is the only reason we put one in, and it’s one of my very favorite ways to relax.😊

  6. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    What a difference you have made to your ensuite. It’s just beautiful, Kate! Everything goes together so nicely! Great job! How nice that you have a fireplace & TV to enjoy while you are bathing.! The pillars are such a wonderful feature. You have really taken this from “almost luxurious” to “absolutely luxurious”! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing! I missed seeing your precious little dog in the pictures! Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you Marlis! I probably waste a little too much time in the bathtub because of that tv. And usually my dog is always photo bombing when I take pictures and sometimes I don’t know it until I’m editing. 😂

  7. Marlis Cote says:

    Spectacular Bathroom…..and a fireplace!!!!!
    Loved the silver tile in shower.

    Great job Kate!


  8. Gorgeous! What a difference those subtle changes make. I’ve pinned several images!