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  1. Ahhhhhhh – So relaxing after the hectic holidays. Happy New Year!

  2. Marlis J Cote says:

    In the early morning hours I could not sleep and went on the computer. Love your site. I came across a delicious dessert. I did not print it as I did not want to wake my husband. Have been trying to search for it today and I cannot find it. It was vanilla pudding, milk, cool whip over graham crackers and topped with chocolate frosting. How can I get a copy of this?

  3. I so enjoy all of your posts–such good ideas today. Thank you. I especially like the vase with tulips placed on your bar area. Would you mind sharing where you found it? Your decor suggestions are always “doable,” and I appreciate that.

    1. Thanks for the sweet comments Nancy – I do like to keep it easy and I’m glad that’s how you think too! I found that little fluted white vase at HomeGoods a few years ago. I will email you the link to the tulips. I don’t think the comments will let you click through on it. I do highly recommend them though!

  4. Your house is beautiful! I love it when the Christmas decorations are put away and everything is back to normal. It always feels more open. Than it did before.

    1. Thanks Susan! We’ve been decorated for the holidays since October and finally got our Christmas trees put away a couple of days ago. It’s a great feeling to have that done isn’t it?