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  1. I am a coastal grandma living in Idaho and this is high desert country! Thank you for yourthoughts and encouragement. I have a library full of wonderful books in many catagories, I keep them in the parlor, a cozy room, everyone loves.

  2. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Kate, I am a Coastal Grandmother — and have been for a long time! Your post is so interesting! Thanks for sharing all this info with us! Such a great read!

  3. One of your best yet, loved it, I like to think I m half way there.

    1. Hi Linda! I’m so glad you loved this post – it was so fun to research and write. And you know I had that playlist going on in the background!!

  4. Kate, this is definitely my style, but I knew that. I love a coastal vibe and have had it in our home. You did a grat job of describing and explaining it.

  5. This movement is so classic and timeless and while it’s trend status may be fleeting, the aesthetic is not! This is my moms style, she lived on Nantucket….painted, gardened, walked her dogs, read, made tea, walked on the beach – a slow living puttering about kind of life… she always had beautiful coastal style, modern coastal mixed with classic, preppy, antique.. and lived in linen buttondowns, richly knit sweaters, classic chinos , loafers and sandals . She had an old money aesthetic which included being very practical and down to earth in her taste. I love this style bc it reminds me of her 🙂

    1. Your mom sounds like a she was a wonderful, stylish woman Arya! And I will always love this style even when it’s not the hot thing anymore.

  6. I am this style but never knew it….without the beach, and money etc. I love the style and use this type of decor in my home. Who knew!

  7. Susan Gardner says:

    Oh, wow….this is so exciting! My philosophy to a “T”
    I moved 15 months ago to a fabulous townhouse with an amazing sea and Mountain View and have been ( unknowingly) renovating in CG style. I can always do with some more inspiration. I have fab neighbors who love to eat and drink creatively and we host themed Happy Hours …or just Happy Hour if we feel like it because we’re CG’s!!!! Thank you for compiling all these amazing things. 🥰👌🥂🍾

    1. You are living the dream Susan! And themed happy hours sound right up my alley…wish I lived next to you. So glad you enjoyed this post!!

  8. I never knew this. Great styling ideas. I guess I’m a grandmother style since I have been wearing those hats for ever. :))

  9. Wow, what a fun and informative article. Love the decor! It’s perfect for the summer. I’m really enjoying the playlist you shared. Thanks!

  10. Never heard of this style of decor so thanks for the lesson 🙂

  11. What a fun post! I love all those songs and movies. I wasn’t familiar with the term but am looking forward to one day getting there for sure.