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  1. Anne Vander Molen says:

    Good job! I have made a note of the product from Rustoleum for future reference! Thankful you are a snoopy person😉😉!

  2. Marcella Ward says:

    Yours is much more beautiful than the original!

  3. Kate,
    I like this version even better than the $500 piece. You really lucked out, little lady. With your good eye and talent, you have a winner! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Marian…your kind words made my morning! I like it better too because of the price tag. But I definitely wouldn’t turn down the $500 one if someone handed it to me!

  4. It looks amazing. And what a reasonable price point. Dimples and tangles sent me your way. I look forward to ready more of your blog. Where is your gorgeous chandelier from?

    1. Hi Karen! Welcome and so glad you found me!! That chandelier is very special to me. My parents bought it in a New Orleans specialty antique shop when they built their home in 1959. It supposedly had come from a French estate. My parents were pretty frugal so it was a big deal to them. But you can definitely find French vintage chandeliers many places… antique stores, consignments stores, Facebook Marketplace, and outdoor vintage markets like Round Top or Canton, Texas just for a few ideas.

  5. Kate, it looks gorgeous! I love it. Hugs to you.

    1. Thanks Renae! It was wonderful to meet you in person this weekend!! Too bad we couldn’t have had more time. I would have loved to chatted more with you. Next Haven!