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  1. Hi Kate — I loved your tour of High Point Market. Do you have any additional info on the beautiful mural in your article? I’ve been looking for a dining room mural and the one you photographed is exactly what I have been seeking. Thanks! — Jan

    1. I thought it was so amazing too. Since that wallpaper was from High Point Market it is probably sold through designers but you can see it here: https://www.themuralsource.com/WILLIAMSBURG-s/185.htm. I’ve seen some on
      blogs I follow but of course I can’t remember but one right now. Blesser House did a peel and stick wallpaper mural in their dining room (https://www.blesserhouse.com/antique-painting-mural-wallpaper-in-the-dining-room/) if you want to check that out. If I come across any more I will try and remember to follow up!