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  1. Excellent tips about the rubber bands and lining the vase with smaller twigs Shirley – thank you for adding them here to help everyone! And I think depending on the kind of sticks you use, you can really have quite different looks.

  2. I made a couple of these throughout the years and they really are cute and I love that they are from nature! The first one I did was with the rubber band but I ended up putting 2 rows of rubber bands on it so the sticks wouldn’t keep sliding around, so one towards the top and one towards the bottom, then covered each with twine. The 2nd one I made was a bit different. I got some real super skinny twigs and hot glued those to the container (it was just like yours) and then I glued the bigger twigs over the top of the little ones. That eliminated the need for the card stock or adding brown paper and worked out beautifully. These most certainly cost way too much in the stores and boutiques I’ve seen them in so it’s definitely beneficial to make your own. I love yours with the lemons and daffodils on that cute basket tray!