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  1. Your recent how-to post had already convinced me to add ribbon to this year’s tree (vs. the festooned gold bead strings that weigh the branches down and have to be adjusted every day). Now I may also add some picks throughout the tree. Today’s post was beautiful, inspiring AND practical — a great combo.

  2. Wow! She did a great job, and the information was so helpful.
    Thank you for watching her and sharing with us since most of us would not have this opportunity. Your posts are always so creative, useful, and doable.

  3. Kate, your post is fabulous. It makes me want to take everything off my tree and start all over. I’m tempted, but I think I’ll just add a few things that I normally wouldn’t think to do. Please share this next year.

  4. Susan Sikes says:

    Wonderful tips I would have never thought about!