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  1. This comment is a little late, but I want to thank you for sharing the cleaning products earlier. I ordered the Folex carpet cleaner. What a great cleaner! It removed a spot on our carpet and a spot on an upholstered chair. So easy!

  2. Thank you for the niche ideas! Do you have any suggestions for where to purchase pictures? I would love to purchase one for above my fireplace in my traditional living room as well as above my sofa. Suggested grouping above my sofa or picture.
    Thank you…..I read and take your suggestions regularly. They’re wonderful!

    1. I don’t have one place that I could say is a go-to. Homegoods sometimes has good options. You can also check out FMBP, estate sales, art shows, and thrift stores. If you like something more modern, Minted.com has some nice artwork sets. And if you want to frame some of your own photos or artwork as a set, Framebridge.com does a beautiful job. I hope that helps and thank you for your sweet comment!

  3. Niches can be SO hard to figure out what to do with. What a great lists of suggestions!

  4. Libbie Burling says:


    This is a great list of idea’s! Those niche’s can be very tricky to navigate, thanks for sharing my wood wall and for giving me ideas for a few other tricky areas in my home, 🙂