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  1. Hi Kate, this article is great! Thank you so much. It took me years to learn these principles separately and here they are in one article.

  2. Thanks for sharing your decorating ideas love them 🙏🥰

  3. Our home seems to have evolved into a somewhat an eclectic style with pieces from my grandparents, parents and when we lived in Africa as well as up cycled bits and pieces which I have made. Love your posts on mixing and matching and realise I am not so strange after all! Just do what makes you happy and enjoy your home. Perth, Western Australia.

    1. Well howdy from the other side of the globe Heather! I’m so glad you identified with this post and it sounds like we both love our mixed style!! The things I’ve inherited and collected over the years make me so much happier than any generic item I could buy at a store that will be gone in five years.

  4. Fantastic, informative read!

  5. Irene Madrid says:

    I recently remodeled/redecorated my French Normandy home with antiques, traditional and even modern pieces. Completely rewallpapered my rooms, used fav pinks, teals, greens and whites…..and ended up with a French/English cottage GLAM Coastal look. My Hearth kitchen has handcrafted teal mermaid tail backsplash, blush velvet stools/chairs and an oversized teal floral sofa, and I get raves, entertain much more now.

      1. Irene Madrid says:

        As my BFF said, I go home to a sanctuary every day. Yes, yes, I do.

  6. Mary Bailey says:

    I have loved reading your article this afternoon. In fact, I plan to study the content further. This addresses my concerns at this very moment! I need help and you were speaking to me. We are soon moving to a beautiful house built about twenty years ago. My reproduction eighteenth century furniture fits very well, but I need to get away from the old look. The living area has a gorgeous antique French mantel. Floor length gold, silk draperies are at all three windows. The wall is clay colored and the floors are medium brown hardwood. Suiting my husband is a goal. The older he gets, the more he has an opinion. Fortunately, we have similar tastes. It just takes him more time to decide to spend money or make big changes, like painting the interior brick in the old house. My sofa is a small camelback, upholstered in a linen print. It’s a pretty print with a tangerine background. The other colors in the print are white, khaki, two shades of green and a light blue. The sofa is floating, but the background color is still bothering me when the wall is a different orange. I could go on, but I just want to make some decisions and you have helped me. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mary, I’m so glad this post helps you wrap your head around what you want to do with your beautiful new home. It sounds like it will be a decorating project you’ll enjoy!!

  7. Damian McDermott says:

    Greetings Kate,
    I truly enjoyed reading your timeless decorating article that inspires fresh creativity to those of us faced with homescape voyages that require navigation through swift-running “trend” waters. Your aesthetic methods serve as a compass to the first-time decorator on up to veterans of many change-up campaigns. I am one of those veterans that appreciates being able to retain and re-invent placement of collected, period-pieces amongst new supplements; relieved to not have to scrap everything! Best of all it will be fun and comforting to be able to enjoy their intrinsic beauty, staged anew, through your suggested updates in color, media-mix and balance. It will be gratifying to achieve visible results that will not have surrendered to trend, but will have commandeered it by methods you prescribe.
    Thank you for your fine idea and photo presentations.

    Marlboro Country/ NJ

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and that it resonated with you! Those of us that have decorated for a long time really DO enjoy reinventing what we have and using it in a fresh way!!