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  1. You are so right about orange looking fabulous with blue and white. And you made an excellent point about using toned down versions of the color instead of bright orange. Loved seeing your lovely home in its fall finery!

  2. Your fall home tour is so lovely Kate. I am always such a huge fan of blue and white so when you added shades of orange to the mix it took my breath away. The centerpiece you created is absolutely gorgeous. Well done. Happy Fall my friend!

  3. Kate your home is so pretty! And you know I love blue and white. So thank you for all of your actionable tips for decorating with these lovely colors for Fall. Thanks for showing me that orange can work even if it’s not my normal go to color! Pinned and thanks for joining e this week!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Happy to abe touring with you this week. Pinned!

  5. The touches of orange throughout your home are lovely, Kate! I have to agree… velvet makes colors look so much ‘more’, for sure! Love your table centerpiece, too! Gorgeous! Pinned!

  6. Happy Fall Kate! Your home is so beautiful and I love how you decorated it for fall. The pumpkin napkins are so cute! xo

  7. Your home is just stunning, Kate. The rusty oranges you have added to the blue and white decor are perfect. Your dining room table is so inviting, and how did you fold those napkins? So clever.

  8. Kate, as a long-time lover of blue and white, I completely agree with you that orange is the perfect pop of fall to pair with the cool tones. It adds an energy and vibrance! Is it because blue and orange are opposite on the color wheel? Whatever the reason, your home is stunning! So fun to tour with you today!

  9. Such beautiful, elegant fall details. Adore those gold leaves and the Pheasant feathers are stunning in your centerpiece! Everything looks perfectly fall. Enjoyed touring with you this week. Happy Fall!

  10. Kate you had me and blue and white and I love your ideas on how to incorporate orange too. Beautiful ideas!

  11. Hi Kate, I live in Texas, too! I love your pretty blue and white accents and your home is lovely! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  12. I love the cute pumpkins on your table! Your home is so welcoming and lovely, thanks for sharing this!

  13. Kate, what a beautiful and elegant home you have decorated. I love the rust and copper worked in with the navy for the fall season. Just stunning!

  14. What a beautiful home you have, and I love how you decorated with navy and orange for the fall season. Every space flows so effortlessly into the next. The urn arrangement in the foyer is stunning!

  15. Kate,
    Your home is stunning, and I loved the napkin pumpkins. Great Tour!