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  1. Deviled eggs are my go-to for potlucks. I even have people request them (I have one friend that wants them for her Christmas present every year!!)
    I prefer a more dill flavor so I’ve always used dill relish. However, at an office party a few years ago, a coworker brought some and they were so yummy. She shared that she used equal parts dill and sweet relish. Since I prefer dill, I now use a 2:1 ratio of dill/sweet relish and they are always a hit. Sometimes, I also sprinkle a little chili powder instead of paprika.

  2. Sarah Crews says:

    Kate, I love your blog. I read it daily. I too am from the south. In Kentucky, deviled eggs are a staple at every Sunday dinner. Your recipe is very close to mine. I truly think I’ve made a thousand deviled eggs in my life. Everyone loves them. The only thing I really do different is that I start my eggs in cold water and bring to a boil. Once they are boiling I cover them and turn the heat off and let them sit on the burner for exactly 13 minutes. I drain the hot water and rinse with cold water for a few minutes then I add the ice. If I know I’m going to be making eggs I try to buy them in advance. The older ones definitely peel easily. I too think the relish is what makes the eggs so yummy so I go a little heavy on the relish. I always pipe the filling in with a ziplock back. It’s so my faster and clean up is so much easier, you just throw the ziplock bag away. Other than cleaning the food processor I only have one pan to wash. I always clean as I go so I really never have a mess to clean up. I crack the shells and put the egg back in the cold water to make sure I get all the little pieces off. I think one of the most important things is to make sure you dry your eggs with some paper towels before cutting them. Thank you again for all your great ideas. I’ve copied many of your decorating ideas. I think you’re awesome 😊

  3. Linda R. Taylor says:

    Haven’t made these yet, but they look so delicious! I have two daughters, two years apart, and both were born in January. Definitely gonna make these at their birthday dinner for one of the sides or appetizers or whenever they want to eat them!!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!
    Linda Taylor