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  1. Harvey Sorenson says:

    Nice idea. We might have to try this..

  2. Such a great idea and so economical. I don’t have a problem with the squirrels gnawing my patio cushions but they do eat all the bird seed I put out. If you ever find a squirrel proof bird feeder, let us know. I have tried spraying PAM on the post and it works for a tiny bit. I read the toy ‘Slinky’ might work but I am not sure it would work either. I just finally decided that they need to eat too! LOL Have a great day. (The picnic table for squirrels is too cute).

    1. I’ll let you know if I find a squirrel proof bird feeder that actually works—if you find one first let me know! I haven’t wanted to spend the money on one my friend has that she says works pretty well. And I tried oiling the post too and then they started jumping straight from the ground to the feeder!🤷‍♀️

  3. Anne from Simply2Moms says:

    Okay, this is brilliant! Sharing with our readers in next week’s roundup!

  4. Barbara Hoyt says:

    Hi, as for the squirrel problem on the bird feeder…..we had same problem with our copper bird feeder….tried all the things you mentioned with no luck…
    Finally thought, how did they get up there? “Climbing” up pole usually…💡
    Grease the pole! Problem solved….used vasoline or a mechanical type grease……..no food type as it attracts ants. Used a fair amount. Had to be repeated now and then but could again enjoy the beautiful finches!!
    Maybe it will work for you..

    1. Hi Barbara! I’ve actually tried that. It worked at first and was funny to watch. But then they started leaping from the ground so I gave up on it!😂