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  1. Sonya Dougall says:

    Beautiful ideas. Love decorating for Halloween with skeletons and always try to find a creative idea. This year I want to do from the the movie dance scene in Dirty Dancing where Patrick lifts up Baby but I would do with my skeletons. Ideas how I can support the lifted skeleton? Thank you Sonya

    1. What a fun idea!! I think you would really have to brace the “Johnny” skeleton with 2 or 3 landscape rod supports or even a sturdier metal support.The “Baby” skeleton would have to stay almost straight except for bending the knees slightly and bringing up the arms. The dilemma comes in with keeping the bottom skeletons arms up straight and sturdy enough to zip tie the top skeleton to—possibly with longer supports in the ground that zip tie to the arms. Or if you have the skeletons on the porch, maybe suspend the top skeleton from the ceiling with a hook and some string. What do you think? If you do this I want to see it!

  2. Mom in Chicago says:

    Great Halloween decorations. Everything is set-up perfectly…just the right amount of spooky with lots of humor.